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Constructed of hardened steel with triple-nickel chrome plating, Scion wheel locks help provide inexpensive, dependable protection against wheel and tire theft—along with peace-of-mind in knowing wheels and tires are secure. Wheel locks can save vehicle owners the time and expense of replacing their wheels and tires, while also helping protect against additional vehicle damage that can occur during theft. Not to mention protection from being stranded away from home or having to pay out-of-pocket insurance deductibles. Wheel locks are available in kits of four. Manufactured to Scion's strict engineering requirements, helping to ensure fit, quality, durability and performance. Unique Scion-specific shank style lug nut design uses flat washers that correspond with stock lug nuts to guarantee proper fit. All wheel locks are precision weight-matched to the stock lug nut weight, making rebalancing unnecessary after installation. Special key tool and collar guide enable simple, intuitive installation within minutes. Hardened and tempered steel construction helps ensure structural integrity. Wheel locks receive triple nickel chrome plating, helping to ensure superior corrosion protection and enduring shine. Scion-specific key patterns allow only a single unique key to interface with the wheel locks, ensuring security and resisting intrusion of lock removal tools. Wheel lock system installs in minutes; simply remove one regular lug nut from each wheel and replace with a locking lug nut.
08 09 10 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 SCION FACTORY WHEEL LOCKS OEM
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